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Luigi De Simone was born in Naples, lives and works in Berlin Germany. Graduated in Sculpture at The Academy of Fine Art of Naples Italy.

Born In Naples, lives and works in Berlin Germany.
Graduaded in Sculpture at The Accademy of Fine Art of Naples Italy.

Selection of exhibitions, performances and projects

Solo show
2019. Plein Air, Treptower Park, Berlin, Germany.
2015. Shoot, Blu di Prussia Gallery, Naples, Italy.
2010. It is not time for classics. Home Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2009. Nervous Hermes, Feurig59 Berlin Germany.
2007. La naturale attrazione delle cose, SupporticoLopez, Naples, Italy.
2003. Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery, Naples, Italy.
2001. Studio 34 Gallery, Salerno, (Italy)
1992. Drawings and Sculputures. Terme di Castellamare di Stabia. Napoli, Italy.

Group Show
2014. Dotland at A Space, Installation with a sound performance by Elbee Bad.
Berlin (Germany)

2011. Italiens, junge kunst in der Botschaft, Italian Embassy curated by Marina
Sorbello and Alessandra Pace. Berlin, Germany.

2008. Aides Art Project, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.
2006. Emergency Room, Olaf Stuber, Berlin, Germany.
2005. Napoli Presente, Pan Palace of Art, curated by Lóránd Hegyi,
catalogue Electa, Naples, Italy.
2004. European Triennal of small-scale sculpture. Text in catalogue by Lóránd
Hegyi, Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
2004. Settlements. Musée d´art Moderne. S. Etienne (France). Curated by Lóránd
Hegyi, catalogue edition Fage.
2004. Cabinet des dessins. Musée d´art Moderne. S. Etienne (France). Curated by
Lóránd Hegyi.

2003. 2º Biennal of Valencia “The Ideal City” Valencia (Spain)
Curated by Lóránd Hegyi and Luigi Settembrini. Catalogue edition Charta Milan
2003. XIV Quadriennale, Anteprima, Royal Palace of Naples, Naples, Italy.
2003. Piccoli Io, Area, Piazza Rivoluzione Palermo, Italy.
2002 Invito alla corte del duca. “Ground Zero” Duke Palace, San Martino Valle
Caudina, Avellino, Italy. Catalogue Ed. Elios.

2002. Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery. Naples, Italy.
2002. New Genius, Casina Pompeana, Villa Comunale di Napoli, Curated by
Margherita Remotti, Catalogue Ed. MeltingPot, Naples, Italy.
2001. Studio 34 Gallery, Salerno, Italy.
1994. New Talents, Saletta Rossa, Libreria Guida, Port´Alba, Napoli, Italy.
1990. Palazzo Borbonico, San Giovanni a Teduccio,

Art Fairs
2004. Artissima 11, Turin Italy.
2004. Art, Bruxelles, Belgium.
2004. Fiac, Paris, France.
2003. Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.
2003. Fiac, Paris, France.
2002. Art, Bruxelles, Belgium.
2002. Fiac, Paris, France.
2002. Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.
2002. MiArt, Milano, Italy.
2002. Riparte, Hotel Ripa, Rome, Italy.

Special Project

2008 / 2010 Feurig59, Residency for artist at my studio. Feurig strasse 59 Berlin,

1994. 1º Prize, at Art Bronze Foundry, Verona, Italy. Award announced by the
academy of fine arts of Naples, Italy.